Solutions For

  • Government & Insurers
    Large entities with substantial prescription databases to manage and evaluate will benefit from our Insight product.
  • Hospitals & Pharmacies
    NARXCHECK Plus is a fully automated program for locations that see a high volume of patients and need real-time data quickly recovered.
  • Private Practices
    NARxCHECK Direct provides a patient’s NARxCHECK Scores and NARxCHECK Report along with other patient data via a single sign-on in the provider’s electronic medical record system.
Product Statistics - Reports Delivered
7,027,598 In total 389,746 30 day avg. 12,992 24 hr avg. 541 1 hour avg.

NARxCHECK on the Web

Appriss Inc. appreciates the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy’s (NABP) support of its efforts to help practitioners identify and reduce the incidences of substance abuse through the use of the NARxCHECK tool. Appriss operates the NARxCHECK program with the mission of keeping communities safe and informed as part of its efforts to help practitioners utilize prescription monitoring program data more effectively. With this tool, practitioners can make more informed decisions when abuse is suspected and ensure that those who legitimately need controlled substances can receive them.